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Entries made in May 2006

This page contains all of my entries posted during the month of May 2006.

Chicks screamin’ in my room like every night

Posted by Dave on May 26, 2006 at 12:13 AM | Comments (3)

Well, the fucking bird has made a nest and hatched several screaming chicks.

Behind my head.


At least it’s not a pigeon.

Check out Ze Frank's The Show if you haven't already.

This is getting ridiculous

Posted by Dave on May 13, 2006 at 03:37 AM | Comments (1)

I was doing a design for a newspaper header, as part of an icon for something I’m working on. I thought it would look best with a little emblem in the middle of the title, something like the National Gazette logo.

It’s a fairly throw-away piece, and the icon is only 60 pixels wide and 16 pixels tall, so I decided just to use a text ornament. I loaded up the keyboard viewer, select Bodoni Ornaments, and started flicking through the different options.

I found the one shown below and was sure I found exactly what I was looking for. That was until I put it into Photoshop and realised there was probably a reason I liked it so much.

It looks like a VULVA

This is worse than the last time.

In other news, I’ve just turned 24.

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