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Cab driver

Cab driver:
My mate is mad so he is.
How is he mad?
Cab driver:
I used to work security down at a refugee hostel, and he would say to me ‘You're down there with all those black fellas, aren't you?’. And I'd say to him ‘Yeah, I'll get four black fellas, they'll come around, tie you down and have a party in your asshole’. And he says ‘Ah grand, just give me a few minutes to grease up with the vaseline’. He's mad so he is!
My brain:
Don't worry, if anything bad happens I'll just kick in with the hallucinations.



i dont know why but that story reminded me off the time i was on the bus home, and just as we were leaving the bus stop at palmerstown a girl started banging on the door which triggered the bus drivers Torrets (is that the correct spelling) and everytime he let out a little shout he'd swerve a little to the left , i was kinda scared when i came to the bridge in leixlip, i was sure we were going over...

Posted at April 1, 2005 12:16 AM
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