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Entries made in October 2004

This page contains all of my entries posted during the month of October 2004.

Nordie words

Posted by Dave on October 29, 2004 at 12:46 AM | Comments (1)

I have found myself slipping the phrase “just a wee bit” into my sentences a lot recently. As in: “just a wee bit more sugar”, or “that's just a wee bit too much food; my stomach hurts and I'm starting to feel really dizzy”.

I think I might be hanging around with my Nordie friends too much. Next thing you know, I'll be replacing the word “yes” with “aye”. If the word “ach” ever preceeds it, friends are given permission to hit me.

Now, if a Northern Irish woman, speaking with a not-too-harsh Northern Irish accent, was using such phrases she would sound fantastic. A Northern Irish man, speaking with a Northern Irish accent, would sound consistent.

I have an accent which is seems to be a mix of Irish, English, American and Nordic accents. When I use such phrases, I don't sound fantastic. I don't sound consistent. Lets be honest: I sound retarded.

Friends: If you hear me say “ach aye”, then as we say south of the border free digs.

Windows, you spa

Posted by Dave on October 29, 2004 at 12:15 AM | Comments (5)

I was working from home today. At around three O'Clock, Photoshop decides the hard drive is too full for it to allow me to do anything. The scratch disk was full.

I bought two hard drives recently... a 300gig Maxtor drive and a 74gig Raptor. I decided to throw the Maxtor drive into my machine and use it as a scratch disk.

I put in the drive on the Intel SATA controller. I boot up the computer, and Windows refuses to boot. I mess around with Grub for a bit, but still nothing.

“Grand”, I thought; “I'll just plug out the drive and everything will be fine”. I turn on the computer. The exact same thing happens.

It turns out that as the SATA controller was now active, Windows reckoned the motherboard had changed. Removing the drive and switching off the controller again did nothing. Fuck.

So, I took the opportunity to make a fresh install of Windows on the new Raptor. The first time I tried, it crashed. It took two attempts to get Windows installed.

One less experienced might assume that all that's left to be done now is to reinstall my old applications and copy over my data from the old hard drive. O, to be so naive! Here's what I've encountered so far:

  1. Random application crashes
  2. When the system is under mild load, there is a good chance that the computer will reboot
  3. Apps refuse to start, with no prompt to the user

All of this means I'll be up until the wee hours working on some stuff that would have been finished already. Nice.

I am a foot

Posted by Dave on October 22, 2004 at 11:27 PM | Comments (12)
The author

If I have neglected this blog recently, it is only because of the five hour daily commute to and from the office of my current client. I'm working there 'til Friday the 29th.

It can't come soon enough. No offense to my client, but that amount of travel is a killer. It's really taken a toll on other projects I'd like to contribute to; this site for one, and a substantial reading list for another. Most importantly, it has cut my sleep down to four hours a night. I am not a fan of this.

I usually try to catch up on my sleep debt on Saturday. By Fridays, the cumulative effect turns me into a shell of a man. Last Friday I had picked up a combination of involuntary twitches and winces. It's a pity I didn't pick up some form of Tourettes.

Monday is a bank holiday here in Ireland; that means I should get some work done this weekend. You should see the results here in late November or early December.

By the way, if I plan to go to the US and Canada without a bank loan, I'll need to save at least two grand a month for the next four months. I need to get serious about getting more work.

Friendly tip #1

Posted by Dave on October 17, 2004 at 03:45 AM | Comments (0)

Never presume that your opponent in an argument is on the same page, or even the same planet, as you.

For example, it's hard to have an argument about whether or not the universe is infinite with someone who thinks zingers like conciousness is considered a dimention and so is the ability to dream are relevant.

I couldn't make this stuff up. Thankfully, someone else did, saving me the embarrasment of failure.

Not the same page, not the same planet. It's times like these that I'm glad I have a thick forehead... it hurts less when I bang it off my desk.

The trip

Posted by Dave on October 11, 2004 at 01:39 AM | Comments (6)

I'm hoping to head stateside in March, for roughly three months. I want to see what the country is like, but there's a lot of planning to do:

  • So far I've only figured out three places in the US I definitely want to visit:
    • SXSW 2005 in Austin, Texas: where web-nerds flaunt their geekdom. Music festival there seems pretty cool too.
    • New York, New York.
    • San Francisco. I've been told by some friends who've been that I'd love it, because it's full of lefty hippies
    ...but I'd like to have a better idea of what to do and where to go before I leave.
  • I need to raise roughly seven thousand euro, for the cost of my stay and flights... ten if I expect to buy a laptop over there. This is possible, but I suspect I'll have to take out a loan. I would like to be able to do some contract work in Ireland remotely... hopefully this can be arranged. It's certainly possible to work on a cool project while in a different time-zone.
  • Logistics. My mobility will be restricted by any luggage I bring. If I'm going for three months, I'll have a lot of clothes with me... certainly more than I can carry around all the time. I need to figure out where I can safely stash stuff and what I can safely bring.
  • I'm debating whether or not it's a good idea to wear a “This is an insult to my dignity” tshirt for government mandated photoshoot at border control.

Any friends, or otherwise, who can give me advice are asked to post it in the comments.


Posted by Dave on October 11, 2004 at 12:22 AM | Comments (0)

There is a horrible feeling of futility when you take some pills for a rotten headache you have, only to throw them up ten minutes later.

When my headache disappeared the moment I finished hurling, I had a zen moment.

The land of the free

Posted by Dave on October 08, 2004 at 01:22 AM | Comments (1)

I was watching some clips of the Daily Show from their website, and I was blown away by Desmond Tutu. In an interview with Jon Stewart, he spoke about how the world sees America:

They like Americans, as people; but they don't like what you are doing... ...people love you.

They are sad, and I am sad, that you could in fact be doing the kind of things you are doing. Guantanamo bay. Going into a war that most people said was immoral, illegal.

Most people believe that you're really lovely people; and they can't understand how you could let things of this kind go on.

You are wonderful people; you are wonderful, generous, caring people. I really mean that. And one hopes, I mean, that you would export not bombs; [that] you would export your compassion and your generosity.

I remember when I was a kid, I wanted to be an American when I grew up. America was the land of Hollywood, of astronauts and test-pilots, and of great cities of steel and glass that grasped at the sky. When I became older, I discovered their great traditions of liberty, justice and freedom; I fell in love with the country all over again.

America, what has become of you?

Time for some ass-kicking

Posted by Dave on October 06, 2004 at 01:22 AM | Comments (0)

I just started a contract somewhere, and I'll be sure to fill you in on the pertinent details once the job is finished. I'm very happy with the work I've produced so far, and I'm very interested in seeing what it will turn out like.

The contract finishes in roughly four weeks. After that, I should have payed off all of my offical debt... my overdraft, credit-card balance and bills. I'm planning what to do next.

I need to write. If I do not write, I will die.

I also need to work on the concepts and technology behind my new site. I hope that any visitor can move around the site easily, not just those with a similar brain to my own. There's a lot of content to write, interfaces to design, and other strange things I won't mention until they are done.

I definitely need to plan for the working holiday of a lifetime. March, April and possibly May of 2005 will hopefully be spent in several different countries, while I have a blast.

Your intrepid reporter, signing off at this late hour.

The backlog

Posted by Dave on October 05, 2004 at 10:55 PM | Comments (3)

I thought it would be a good idea to post up some of the photographs I still had lying around. I wanted to clear the backlog, because coming soon is possibly the best photograph ever.

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