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Entries made in September 2004

This page contains all of my entries posted during the month of September 2004.

The phrase of the century

Posted by Dave on September 22, 2004 at 05:27 AM | Comments (7)

I'm one to blow my own trumpet.

That's not the phrase, but there's no real point in trying to make myself sound humble. When I create something new, I want people to see what I've done. When I create something which I'm proud of, I want people to see it.

The phrase of the century is this: A closed mind remains empty. When you shut out everything that disagrees with your current worldview, you will learn nothing. An open mind is a key ingredient in learning, and all of us have things to learn.

I think this IRC log illustrates my shock at my creation.

[05:19] <JustHalf> That's only with REALLY STUPID PEOPLE doodee, who are too afraid that they might be wrong to permit dissent. When these ****ing k********es go on about how great free speech is, I want to throw rocks at them for hypocrasy.
[05:19] <D|Aweh> heh
[05:19] <D|Aweh> i know
[05:19] <D|Aweh> but theres nothing you can do
[05:19] <JustHalf> Yes there is
[05:19] <D|Aweh> ignor ehtem
[05:19] <D|Aweh> them
[05:19] * JustHalf picks up some rocks
[05:19] <D|Aweh> naw there isn't
[05:19] <D|Aweh> people will be k********s
[05:20] <JustHalf> Stoning is the new black
[05:20] <D|Aweh> its gods free will working in them
[05:20] <JustHalf> Working in them?
[05:20] <JustHalf> That's not right
[05:20] <D|Aweh> my dads words though
[05:20] <D|Aweh> closed mouth catches no flies
[05:20] <JustHalf> A closed mind remains empty
[05:20] <D|Aweh> believe in what you want and dont let others change you
[05:20] <JustHalf> Oh shit, I think I just coined the phrase of the century
[05:20] <D|Aweh> after all, we aint signing up for sides in a war
[05:21] <JustHalf> I ****ing did
[05:21] <JustHalf> "A closed mind remains empty"
[05:21] <JustHalf> **** YEAH

To the guy from the Gents in the Roost

Posted by Dave on September 10, 2004 at 04:04 AM | Comments (2)

There's not much I'm willing to put up with from strangers in the Gents. Though my dislike of peeing in public may seem odd, I do not expect to be criticised for this while waiting for a cubicle to clear. I also do not expect:

  • The first thing you suggest to be that someone is in the cubicle skinning up for me.
  • When I tell you no, to then ask am I going in to crack my balls.
  • When I mishear you the first time, and stupidly ask you what?, to be told You know, crack your balls; have a scat (a phrase I believe, and sincerely hope, you misused).
  • To be given the suggestion that, as the cubicles in the Gents are in use, I should head to the Ladies to have a scat in there.

This may seem odd for you to hear, and it is certainly odd for me to say, but I don't like total strangers ask me if I am about to either masturbate, masturbate with faeces or have anal sex. I'm afraid that as my slang is imported from California, I can't figure out exactly what you were talking about; and to be honest, I don't think I want to.

And thanks for reminding me about the American girl who decided her first and last words to me would be a far too graphic description of the sex-life she shared with her boyfriend.

To my regular readers

Obviously, I am a weirdo magnet. If anyone knows how to make this stop, that would be great.

Reading that old blog entry reminded me that I never wrote the follow-up I promised. I'll write it as soon as I can figure out how to make the disasterous sound hilarious.

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