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Entries made in July 2004

This page contains all of my entries posted during the month of July 2004.

Questions I need to ask

Posted by Dave on July 20, 2004 at 12:44 PM | Comments (9)

There's a couple of things that have been confusing me lately. I think I need to ask these questions, as I believe the answer will give me a sense of peace. So, here they are:

  • Why can something as simple as a woman's smell drive one crazy?
  • Is it possible to give a woman genital herpes via coldsore-laden oral sex? This is something that I've been wondering for a while... I mean, they're both herpes. What's the deal?
  • Why the heck is the colour of the hair on my chest a completely different colour than both the hair on my head and the hair at my groin? And don't get me started on my arm hair, that is a different colour depending on the angle you view it at...

If anyone can answer these questions, I'd appreciate it. It'll be three less things to worry about.

Rambling, but relevant

Posted by Dave on July 06, 2004 at 04:11 PM | Comments (1)

Note: This is a comment I posted to another blog, in reply to this comment. Although it rambles, I think it's relevant to the chain of thought started with this post.

Sorry Hal, I wasn't calling you a bigot; not unless you were in those pictures. If you were, I have no problem calling you a bigot, because it would be a statement of fact.

If you believe the people photographed were in the right, then I suggest you find your nearest black person and say "Hi, nigger". The word "fag" is derogatory, plain and simple.

And God most certainly DOES NOT hate "fags" as their posters proclaim. He loves them! They're His creation, after all! To say that God hates these people is, literally, a damned lie.

The reason for linking to your entry was as part of the over-all theme of the post. I can see only damage being done by those who throw hate in the name of Christ, and see as dangerously misguided attempts to convict people of their sins without a serious evangelistic effort (these are two seperate points). Why would anyone who does not believe in Christ believe that they were sinning? The very definition of sin - that one has missed the mark that God has set for us - requires a belief in God!

Emphasising particular sins is not a great way of preaching the good news, primarily because it gives the false impression that Christianity is really all about following a particular set of rules and laws. But why follow these laws if you do not believe in God? Why would any rational person believe these laws had any validity if they do not believe in God?

If a man where to pledge to never commit a sin again, for the rest of his life, and somehow he achieved this impossible aim, what is the worth? His past sins are already counted against him. He must be cleansed of his sins, but first he must accept Christ.

These are the primary reasons I hate this finger-pointing nonsense. What is the consequence? We come across as self-righteous and judgemental jerks convinced we are better (not better-off) than non-Christians.

I'll give you an example. Evangelism is something that is pressing more and more upon my heart. I met a girl once, whom after telling her I was a Christian asked "You think I'm a slapper, don't you" because she had had sex before she was married. Yet she had no reason to act any differently! I would be doing the same if I didn't believe, and what reason would I have not to?

If God doesn't exist, then truly the best policy is to eat, drink and be merry; because tomorrow we die. Now, both you and I know that God exists; but it is foolishness to follow His teachings (in fact, follow Him) without believing He exists.

And, are we really going out with a heart to help these people, or is our heart set on making sure they act "like good Christians"?

This is my problem with such actions as wearing a t-shirt saying "Homosexuality is shameful". What is in our hearts? What are the consequences?

But beyond that, does it really matter if a person has had homosexual sex or not? Every person has committed more than enough sins in their life to require God's grace, homosexual sex or no; we all naturally tend towards sin. The particular vice I suffer from is a strong urge to have sex before I get married. If I wasn't a Christian, I would be having lots of sex right now. If a Christian came up to me, and tried to convict me of lust, why would I pay any heed to him or her?

Autographical Notes #1

Posted by Dave on July 04, 2004 at 03:40 AM | Comments (2)
A picture of me

Thanks to the excellent shaving skills of my brother Richard, I am now sporting a dashing new haircut. The picture in this post should show the results.

I applied for a job in Lucidity Technologies. Even though I was interviewed for three and a half hours, I didn't get it. As I can't seem to shake the idea of freelancing out of my head, this is probably for the best.

Of course, I'll need to do something to increase my cash flow. To that end, I'm looking for a part-time job: something that I can do for twenty to thirty hours a week that will earn me a decent wage, yet still allow me to do freelance work for the other twenty hours or so. I've applied to a couple of places already, and I hope (read "need") to get one soon.

I've been trying to sing the Dave Matthews Band song "#41" all day. That high note is a bitch.

I signed the lease on my new place. It's a temporary, eight week lease of a pretty spacious apartment. The lease itself is standard and off-the-shelf; full of pointlessly dense and barely intelligible English. Here's a sample:

In this Agreement unless the context otherwise requires words importing the masculine gender only include the feminine gender, words importing the singular number only include the plural number and vice versa and where there are two or more persons included in the expression "the Tenant" and "the Landlord" covenants expressed to be made by the "Tenant" or "the Landlord" shall be deemed to be made by such persons jointly and severally.

From what I can tell, it's published by Legal & General Office Supplies. Yo guys! I'd like to introduce you to some friends of mine:

A period, comma and semi-colon

Hi there, bigots!

Posted by Dave on July 02, 2004 at 03:13 AM | Comments (4)

Being a Christian is hard. Right now, my walk with God is pretty much in a shambles. I'm going through a rough time in my life at the moment, so I feel pretty horrible inside. Unfortunately, when I feel down I try and do something that probably won't help to fix it, and since I've given up alchohol my brain wanders elsewhere. As I've realised that an appreciable number of hot women do find me attractive, pre-marital sex has proved extremely tempting.

Aside from desperately wanting to get laid, my biggest frustration is how people view us Christians. A lot of people think we spend our days judging the world, looking around and gleefully pointing out the failings of others. You know, like this guy. Had sex before marriage? Sinner! Taken drugs? Sinner! Homosexual? Sinner! But everyone has fallen short of the glory of God, including us Christians. Especially us Christians. We know we're sinners. We should be smart enough to avoid throwing stones in a house we know is very much made of glass.

A large woman with three massive signs declaring bullshit

But do you know what doesn't help? These guys. I'm not talking about the gags pulled by the Something Awful crew, I'm talking about the guys holding signs reading such wonders as "Fags doom nations", "God hates fags" and "God hates fag enablers".

Yes, I believe that homosexual acts are a sin, and I can back that up with reference to the Bible. But crikey, so's being disrespectful to your parents. Am I going to have a posse chasing me around with signs reading "God hates you for talking back to your Dad"?

These guys make a lot of noise, and have a fairly high profile for themselves. When a lot of people think of Christians, they don't think of aid workers in foreign countries. They don't think of people helping out the homeless. They think about people like these guys.

Do you have any idea how hard it is to share the news of God's amazing love for people when what they associate our God with is hate?

Whose fault is it that people have this mistaken idea about us Christians? I'll make this very clear: it is our fault.

Let's clear at least this one up for the benefit of those reading this: God loves "fags" as much as He loves everyone else. I know He doesn't want His people to go around and hurl abuse at homosexuals. Is this what Jesus would do? If you think it is, I'd ask you to examine His character a bit further, particularly in these passages:

Here's another inspiring story. It's labelled "They hate you because of me". I don't know about you, but I think "They hate you because you're acting the spa" would be a more accurate lead-in. This isn't what we should be about, people!

Here's a little thing I learned a long time ago. This world is a pretty sinful place. If we're going to start finger-pointing sins, we're going to awful busy; and in the end, it's counter-productive. Even if you point out every sin a person has, what can they do about it? Only Jesus Christ Himself can make a real difference in their lives, and finger-pointing only makes these people think our Lord and Saviour is an asshat.

I can feel myself rambling. I'll leave you with a picture, and for those fellow Christians reading this, a challenge: is this what we want people thinking when they hear the word Christian? Heck, is this what we want people thinking when they hear the word Christ?

A picture of more hate signs and people standing around grinning
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