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My name is David Barrett. I'm a 23 year old web designer from Dublin, Ireland. I think XHTML and CSS taste nice. I'm also very fond of having a sensible process behind making websites. I'm a Perl programmer to boot. Have a look at the projects I've been involved in. I'm available for hire.

I'm a Christian. But wait! I believe evolution is the best theory we have for the arrival of human beings on this planet. I plan to read the Left Behind books, but only out of the morbid curiosity that Fred Clark inspired in me with his page by page rebuke of their nonsense. I also can't deny the work that Jesus has done in my life. I go to Core church.


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Des Traynor

Have you ever eaten one too many eggs at breakfast? You first get the rough pain of digestion, and then, later, just when you're in good company, be it with a beautiful girl, or a person you admire and respect, the flatulence forces its way into the conversation, and just like that, you are a nobody. Meet Dave.

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This site is the result of a fight between me and Movable Type. We don't get along.

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